Euro 08 update

Results from 8th June 2008

Germany-Poland(2-0) Podolski
Austria-Croatia(0-1) Modrić(pen)
Note that Croatia’s goal in the 4th minute through a penalty is the fastest penalty ever to be converted in the history of the competition(nice going….. and what was that defender thinking…)

Podolski’s(below) brace well didnt make him celebrate that much considering that Poland is his land of birth.. but he is still a top class striker to watch out for in Euro 08

Photos courtesy of Getty Images at a lot…)

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1 Response to Euro 08 update

  1. kkscreamers says:

    Austria VS Croatia (0-1)Croatia who defeated england twice in the qualify round of euro2008 was favourite in the group B after germany.Well the match had just started and in the 4th minute a penality is given to croatia (the refree who was a policeman before coming to the football)and was easily converted to the goal by Modric.All the pressure was on the home team austria. Austria done their best but cant converted into the goal and croatia got their 3 points easily.GERMANY vs POLAND (2-0)Germany get their first goal in the 20 min by the polish born striker Podolski.Germany could get their first goal easily when a fabolous pass from the captain Micheal Ballack(also chelsea midfeilder)to the Gomez.But after that poland had a possesion in the first half but their all opportunities vanish by the german defenders.In the 72 min again Podolski give germans their second goal and confirm their 3 points.

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