Deep Purple – Iconic

Lucifer’s Cobbler kicks of our Rock Through The Ages about Rock Legends Deep Purple… Do read on… the 70’s rock legends deserve the space here…

” No man , you dont get it…blah..blah..”. whew ! I hated it, but I had to do it so often ! God knows how m
any times I had to make a justification .To clear some initial confusion , It was my first year in this college, and I
being a person who is rather slow in making friends , would spend a good partof my time listening to my walkma
n . It was always the same . In this strangenew world , I would find some moments of solace listening to my favourite bands.As others put it, I lagged in time. Because My music collection mostly consisted of
Casettes of Deep Purple, Led zeppelin, The Beatles and pink Floyd.Ever heard of them ? Well If you havent , then let me give you an insight about theband without whom I would probably not have existed today !

In October 1968, The band released their first album ‘shades of purple’. they met success with the song ‘Hush’. Subsequenly they released their second album, “The book of Taliesyn”. It contained the track ‘kentucky woman’ which reached #38 on the US billboard chart. In 1969 , they released the self titled album ‘deep purple’ which contained diverse musical influences.Following this, the band started an extensive touring in the United states. After their return they recorded a single called ‘Emaretta’, before Simper and Evans wrer eventually fired.

The band recruited singer Ian gillan and bassist Roger Glover from the band ‘Episode six’, which had released many singles without much success. This created the quintessential Deep purple ‘mark II’ line-up , which would become the most commercially successful line-up. They attained their much needed publicity with the
concerto for group and orchestra’, performed at the Royal Alber Hall , along with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra.Blackmore and Gillan were not happy at playing with an orchestra, because they actually wanted to develop a Hard-rocking style. Despite this they performed another orchetra/band colaboraion named the ‘gemini suite’
After this,the band began hectic touring and recording. In 1970, The band releasedtheir first studio album ‘deep purple in rock’. It contained the concert staples “Speed king”, “child in time” and “into the fire”, along with the top ten single “Black night”.The interplay between Blackmore’s guitar and Lords organ, Gillans howling vocals ,and the rythm section between Glover and Paice became the bands patent style, which was instantly recognisable to rock fans all over. In mid 1971 they released their second and more musically progressive album “fireball’. it included the title track, which was a major hit . The single ‘strange kind of woman’ and ‘the mule’, the latter which featured some highly skillful drumming by Paice , were also popular.

Within a few weeks they started working on their next album. In December 1971,the band travelled to Switzerland to record ‘Machine head’. The recording was to be done at the montreux casino , but it met with a fire accident, and the casino burnt down. This event inspired the song “Smoke on the water”, which is arguably the bands biggest ever hit. The monster riff of the song was voted the greatest Rock n roll riff ever and the song itself became one of the top 30 rock songs in history. The song is an anthem for rock lovers across the world.’Machine head’ also included the live classics “highway star” , “space truckin” and “lazy”. This album was the bands most successful work. Meanwhile the band toured US and Japan in 1972. The resulting live double LP album “made in Japan” , became rock music’s biggest selling live concert album. The band continued work and released “who do we think we are ” in 1973 , featuring the hit single ‘Woman from Tokyo’. But internal tensions and exhaustions increased in the band , resulting in Gillan and Glover quitting the band. Their replacements were an unknown singer “David Coverdale” and bassist/singer Glenn Hughes from the band ‘trapeze’. His line-up continued into 1974 and released the blues-rock album ‘Burn’ which was an instant hit. Their next release was “stormbringer”. Blackmore was unhappy with the new blues and funky style the band had developed and he quit the band in 1975 and formed his American guitarist Tommy Bolin was called in to fill the post of the lead guitarist. The subsequent album ‘come taste the band ‘obtained mixed reviews. With Bolins problems with drugs and below standard concerts, Deep Purple ultimately disbanded in 1976. After disbanding each member of the band went on to achieve considerable success in other bands.

A full scale reunion of the band consisting of the classic markII line up took place in 1984, after an eight year hiatus. The resulting album was “Perfect strangers”.

2005 saw the release of another purple album “Rapture of the deep”, followed by a tour. In 2007 the band undertook the ‘rapture of the deep’ tour. 40 years on and the band continues to tour and perform across the world !!The band has been voted as one of the hardest touring and energetic rock band ever.

If you had the Patience to read or at least skim

through all this , then I would be really satisfied. In the end if I am still deemed an old-timer, unsophisticated and whatever, well, this is what I’ve got to say .”hell with you!”. I dont mind these remarks anymore. It just goes to show the persons indifference towards rock music , which is more of a religion to me than a form of a music . Hail the distorted Guitar

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  1. An admirably well written summary.. and one hell of a tribute to Deep Purple… Way to kick off the section, man..

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