Why My Hiatus Was Cut Short

Its 1 am. I lie spread eagled bending down to reach the laptop on the floor with me on the bed to write this article(don’t ask y just read on…)

I am confused. Just been through orkut; looking at some mindless communities with “why dont we” phrases and useless issues raked up at the drop of a hat. For what I wonder… it is the quest for this answer which keeps me awake. Y do we talk abt useless things with no solution?

Is it pleasurable or wait… glorifying to write meaningless things and be even more brilliant while commenting and writing a cheesy retort? Where is the sense in all of this…. We complain about a brain drain. Oh sure these communities with baseless posts and arguments(no names to be quoted) are the evidences of the phenomenon. Sure we want to feel honoured maybe happy that we are CONTRIBUTING to society, propogating thoughts, spreading ideas, accepting them, discussing for what????……

It’s a shame that people do this and crib that my country is not a US in the making and the people.. don’t get me going on that…. Whats more blame the system, blame this, blame that. Blame the building watchman while ur at it… coz it aint no good folks….

Wake up and become responsible Indians…. JEEZ I have to blog to tell some nuts that

Who am I to say this?? Another person wastin his time to write this stupid discourse to remind people that u make the world around u, based on that the world treats u in return….

Still no sleep… thanks to the people who broke my hiatus.

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1 Response to Why My Hiatus Was Cut Short

  1. aniruddh says:

    u seem to ramble almost as well as anybody 🙂

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