CLUB or COUNTRY???? Which come first…

kk’s initial article abt euro 08 ; as a match viewer watching 180 minutes of football can make anyones head spin… forgive the grammar folks…. he is just a guy who loves the game and wants to tell you all about it(by the way the mad hatter is responsible for editing and co-authoring..)

EURO2008 is getting bigger and bigger day by day…But there is a big question out there????
Players play better in their respective clubs (because of the money they receive and they coordinate better because they live like a team for 4 years or shorter before another world cup starts)
I feel that players playing for the national team dont really gel well as compared to their club mates. But hey in Euro 08 these are not excuse to not perform and i can’t wait to c what the coaches have done to boost their team

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2 Responses to CLUB or COUNTRY???? Which come first…

  1. Anonymous says:

    ya i m totally agree with that blog.take an example of ENGLAND team who didn’t even qualify the EURO 2008.But the clubs in england like MANCHASTER UNITED,ARSENAL,CHELSEA and LIVERPOOL These are the top most clubs in the world and the players in it like gerrard,lampard,terry,rooney all get big amounts of money.But they cant lift their team to even qualify for the EURO2008.So in the clubs they play better…

  2. MR. WHITE says:

    I also agreeIt’s human nature to look for better opportunities & rewards & if they give him mental satisfaction as well why would one leave them aside & crush his talent by brutal hands of jingoism? Players get more fame & money by playing for clubs (which are highly professional & popular) , that’s why they give importance to their respective clubs .So, we can conclude that chauvinism has taken a backseat these days (One can take the example of IPL as well).

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