Sony NWZ-S718F

This is the latest addition to the Walkman series of Sony’s portable media players, looks similar to the previous versions of Walkmans. It boasts of Integrated Noise Cancellation, but the problem is, the circuitry works solely with the included earphones. This player is the NWZ-S718F, but it belongs to the NWZ-S710F series.
Offered in 4GB ($150) and 8GB ($200) capacities.(as per

Player Type: Flash MP3 Player
Radio: Yes
Recording, Voice: No
Recording, Line In: No
Video Recording: No
Music Playback Formats: AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA
Photo formats: JPEG
Video Formats: MPEG4
Audio Battery Life: 27.48 Hr
Dimensions: 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches
Screen Size: 1.8 inches
Display: 320-by-240-pixels
Storage Capacity: 8 GB

For detailed specifications check out:

What is Noise Cancellation?
The NWZ-S710F’s noise-cancellation feature is broken into two parts–the player, which handles all the signal processing; and the earphones, which have small microphones built into the outside of each earpiece to monitor external noise. While the two-part design delivers great results), the Achilles heel of the NWZ-S710F is the possibility of losing or damaging the proprietary earphones. Any standard set of headphones can be used with the NWZ-S710F, but its active noise-canceling feature will work only with the supplied earphones.

The front face has four arrow buttons, a central Play/Pause button, and two more buttons above them (Home/Back and Power/Option). There’s a proprietary connector, so you have to use the supplied cable to connect the player to your PC.

Formats Supported:
File support is not extensive. Having AAC, MP3, WMA, and WAV is acceptable for audio, but providing only MPEG-4 SP (simple profile) for video and JPEG for photos may be limiting: You’ll probably have to convert most of your files to make them viewable on the player. And the included Sony Media Manager software needs to be upgraded to the “Pro” level (for $12.95) in order to convert videos, which is a touch disappointing.

Navigation and Menus:
Menus are more or less similar to the previous walkmans, the addition of a home button helps. The option button, on the upper right-hand side of the control panel, offers additional choices-like access to EQ settings.The FM radio is easy to operate but it does not support FM recording.

Battery Life:
Sony rates the battery life at 33 hours for audio playback, and 8 hours for video.


If noise cancellation isn’t a must, you could save a couple of bucks on options like the Sansa Fuze or the Creative ZEN and get better video file support in the bargain.

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