A Cigar And A Child

This is taken from the Bombay Times dated 6th June 2008


a four year old boy is in rehab in Taiwan after he became addicted to smoking his father’s cigars. The father started taking his sons, aged nine and four, to a rehabilitation centre after catching them stealing his cigarettes and cigars. “The answer was what i had expected, but the hardest to accept” he told China Times.The boys admitted to stealing and said they did it because they thought that their father looked “cool” when he smoked. The four year old admitted he even pleaded with his brother to borrow cigarettes from classmates when they failed to steal any from their father.

Wonder what would have happened in India…

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1 Response to A Cigar And A Child

  1. kkreds says:

    Well it is a fact that people smoke as they see others doing this..and they think that people get cool,and tension relief by smoking cigars.Remember if u smoke one cigratte u loose 10 minutes of ur life.DONT SMOKE at any cost.

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