The Xbox 360

The second game console unveiled Microsoft in May 2005 on MTV was the successor to the Xbox which signaled the end of a partnership between Nvidia and Microsoft for the development of the GPU for the console as Nvidia ceased production as of August 2005 with rivals ATI taking over. It was officially released in the US on November 22 and in Europe on December 2 of the year 2005

Well the Xbox competed with the Sony Playstation 2 as well as the Nintendo Gamecube during its release in 2001. However the Xbox 360 soon found competition from the Sony Playstation 3, which boasted the Cell Broadband Processor(3.2 Ghz) which sort of put Microsoft’s console to shame in terms of performance. However the good folks at Microsoft managed to rope in some really enthralling game titles such as

Quake 4 Mod Version Of The Xbox 360

Halo 3(8 million already in sales), Forza Motorsport, Call Of Duty 2(2005’s best selling game for the Xbox 360) and the latest big name being GTA 4(i can’t wait for that)

In the next post we will look at the technical config of the Xbox 360 as well the various types or versions released over the years

Note that the end of HD-DVD production by Toshiba has made it tougher for Microsoft to work around this development as Sony’s Blu-Ray technology makes its way into markets across the world(why not… the benefits are massive but the price makes you look away in shame)

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