Fuel Hike – Hitch Hiking to Be Costly

Attention all!

As you all aware the cost of petrol is up by Rs. 5. A change we were dreading…. Well, considering the 126$ oil per barrel cost, it comes as no surprise. With a possibility of inflationary forces being egged on by this, the Govt is helpless as it faces criticism from various fronts. The CASCADING effect this is about to bring is sure going to make household expenses a bit dearer. Pointing fingers isn’t a solution and this was a well, disaster waiting to happen

So the next time you want a ride from your friend on campus, be prepared to get a firm NO!!!!
(sob… sob… have to walk the next 1 km on foot….y me….)

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1 Response to Fuel Hike – Hitch Hiking to Be Costly

  1. MR. WHITE says:

    No doubt the fuel prices will continue to rise & that day is not far (Current scenario indicates a 4-5 year time)when people will have to shell out Rs. 100 for a litre of petrol.Sooner or later,the condition will definately worsen ; So, what can be the possible solutions to byepass the problem? I am not going to suggest traditional bookish solutions like high efficiency engines,hydro-powered vehicles,bio-fuels;No doubt all these are solutions but all these will take time to come in market say 10-12 years ; One immediate solution which I see is – Developing Infrastructure & Improving Public Transport System , which can provide relief to public quickly(1-2 years) & efficiently;It cannot be ignored because we will definately be facing overcrowding problem in our cities in next 5 years(Banglaluru & Mumbai are already facing it);If we can apply the same solution to tier 2& 3 cities (may be in a smaller scale) we can bypass 3 problems(1. Rising fuel prices , 2.fuel crisis , 3.Overpopulation) with one shot.Proper Management of Public Transport System with security of passengers is a difficult job ,atleast in India, but aware & responsible citizens can make it a reality & turn it successful.

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