Sarkar Raj

Severus here makes his first review of Sarkar Raj, whom unlike his namesake decides to go easy for a change rather than being cruel and merciless… Well here are his thoughts about the movie

The team:

Yes…….for the first time ever the three bachchans are together in a movie, and what’s more, they are producing it as well, its an AB CORP. production, with the director being Ram Gopal Verma of AAG fame(or defame rather).he directed the prequel SARKAR as well.

The genre:

Crime, drama

The plot:

As shown at the end of the last film, SHANKAR (abhishek) has taken over the proceedings of the family business and SARKAR (amitabh) has gone into semi-retirement. ANITA (aishwarya) is a top executive of a foreign firm, she comes to India with a view of developing a power plant in the rural areas of maharashtra.she proposes the plan to shankar who immediately gauges the potential it has for the people and agrees to it, after convincing SARKAR for the plan, Anita and shankar travel through the villages of maharashtra, talking to people, trying to convince them and gaining their support.

Things are not as easy as they seem and the enemies of sarkar see an opportunity in this to finish his reign. To see how the story unfolds, wait for the movie

As the director RGV points out, sarkar was a very simple story where a son takes revenge for his father, while this is a very complex story, it’s a story about power, and as the sarkar says very rightly: power cannot be given, it has to b taken

The build up:

The publicity for the movie has been tremendous. Big B’s blog, as well as RGV’s blog, both have posts and comments about the movie. Infact, there was a rally organized by the bachchans solely for the publicity of the film. Also there was a press conference, which abhi-ash joined in through video conferencing from Miami.

It seems a lot is at stake for Big B after the Bhootnath debacle. And who can forget RGV”s last film (AAG), which went into flames the day it was screened.


  • The story is inspired from a real life situation, the director is very quick to deny this and very conveniently points out that this is a story of power, which anybody can RELATE to
  • K SERA SERA productions who produced the last film, had denied RGV the use of the name SARKAR 2,as it has been copyrighted, and so the movie is called SARKAR RAJ
  • After AAG RGV went bankrupt so much so that he could not even pay his driver. Production house K SERA SERA also dumped(left would be kinder..) him in time of need. He received support from the bachchans and this is why the success of the film is very important.

After the IPL saga,SARKAR RAJ, with an all-star cast promises to be the most awaited movie this summer………..go watch it.

Severus thanks the various websites and TV agencies which made his job a whole lot easier to do…..

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