Gaming Consoles

The year 2008….. many of us have drooled or ‘aaaaaah-ed’ while viewing latest gaming consoles hitting the markets.All of us slowly becoming techno savvy than ever and the gaming console is the latest attraction in what is a long list of “expensive” toys out there(boy do i want one at home….sigh………)
Be it a mega-mall or posh electronic goods shop, we all have wanted to try them out. Our eyes growing wide as we peer through the glass and see the boxes containing an Xbox or a PS3 or even the Nintendo Wii. Our parents frowns are the answe,which well, we did expect but the brutality of their expression was never to be expected(its India people, you know the rules….)

Anyway, I decided to write about the three consoles by splitting the article into 3 posts, each dedicated to a different console of different make. At the end of the 3 sections, we will match the 3 heavyweights together and make sense of which console today is the best in the world(ofcourse this will be judged on the basis of a number of factors…)

Coming soon… check the space in the days to come….

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