Underground serves as a platform for guys and gals to share, express and learn about some topics which are not as keenly followed as our class GPA’s(admit it already most of us do… for those who don’t, ur makin us all proud)

This is solely for the students of NITB and our mission is to captivate your minds through the various posts related to different topics which u might have a liking for.
This is a voluntary blog which means only people who can commit to the daily renewal and upkeep of the site’s condition are welcome to join us with permissions being given by the site administrators who will judge your request. Note that their decision is final and if you do decide to tempt us with your evil and twisted schemes and games, you got to do a good job of well…. lets just say…. making us change our minds(no pun intended..).

Comments posted should not be offensive or inappropriate and any information you can give us will be helpful so as to help us develop and learn at the same time from you guys(and gals….) as much as you can learn from us.

Signing off and hoping that you will help us make this site enjoyable as well as informative for all….

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